Malvern Star Dragstar first introduced?

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Malvern Star Dragstar first introduced?

Postby bicyclepassion » Wed Nov 21, 2012 4:39 pm

I have a short frame Malvern Star dragstar that I am going to restore. It has the first version fork, with the chromed brass cover on a sloping crown. I am trying to find out exactly when the Dragstar first appeared. I have a Retail Cycle Trader's price book from 1968, with the Malvern Star Dragstar on the cover, and the Speedwell Mustang on page 3. The mustang ad says 'The wild new look on wheels'. Both bikes are represented as line drawings, and both are represented with a 'Raleigh' type tubular fork crown. I dont remember ever seeing this actual crown on a Dragstar or Mustang. They are both shown with the Shimano 333 stick shift with a white body and white T bar.
I need to know whether anyone knows for sure if these bikes appeared for Christmas 1967.
There are plenty of references on the net along the lines 'introduced '1960's, or 'introduced late 1960's'.

I would also like to know exactly when the long frame Malvern Star Dragstar was introduced. From memory, this was at least a couple of years later, say 1970?


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Re: Malvern Star Dragstar first introduced?

Postby speedywheels » Fri Nov 23, 2012 8:34 pm

My understanding is that the first 20 inch dragster style bike was the American Schwinn Stingray first marketed in 1963. The English Raleigh Company responded with the
Raleigh Rodeo in 1966 and their Fireball in 1968. These 2 Raleigh bikes had the dimpled fork crowns and one of them had the bullet style chainguard similar to the Speedwell Mustang. I have an idea that Malvern Star launched their mid sized Dragster bikes in the late 1960's and that it was not until some years later when the long frames were marketed that Dragstars and Mustangs became hugely popular in Australia.

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Re: Malvern Star Dragstar first introduced?

Postby Wirepaladin » Tue Feb 24, 2015 9:13 pm

I GOT a Malvern star dragstar for christmas 67 the tbar was black and he bike red beutiful thing

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