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Postby Pushie Pirate » Fri Jan 03, 2014 7:55 pm

Always loved old Vws, life at the moment doesn't allow to have a real one so came up
with this using the bits of Vws I have scrounged here and there, Dub-cycle!

Have done a few of these frames with the laid back seat post, just put a pizza cut down
the bottom of the seat tube then cut either side of the parallel tubes at the top bend back
and fill the gap with a bit of scrape tube. Scuse the welds only got a stick welder!

Image Image

Cut up a damaged 60's bumper to use as a fender.
Image Image

One of my Prized bits a flying VW bonnet emblem, goes great on a bike.
Image Image

Fake plywood tank with VW cut into it, stowage basket with various Vw bits hanging off it.
Image Image

Recently took this thing to the next level, she's getting a bit weighty, definitely a show pony!
Image Image

So to go with my flying VW added a Split Kombi indicator lens for headlight, 61 Beetle indicator
for fender light, sill mirror and 60's steering wheel.
Image Image

Put a lid on the rear basket and dressed her up with late Kombi badge, Beetle Script, the
latch is from my 74 Bay I had and scored some 50/50 tail lights to go with the Ghia tailight.
Image Image

Image Image
Cut it up and turn it into something else!

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Re: Vee-Dub-Cycle

Postby HappyHumber » Fri Jan 03, 2014 8:08 pm

Haha.. love the side mounted rocker covers.
One of the more subtle nods to the boxer motor ;)
- Kym
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