help with re spoke on bmx rims?

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help with re spoke on bmx rims?

Postby scratchy » Sun Feb 02, 2014 1:51 pm

Hi all think i need help here, i recently brought a wheel set (to assemble) for a 20" BMX, they are replica ARAYA 7x style old school style Anodised red(36 holes) with hi flange hubs (spoke hole ctrs are 61-62mm on hub) it was supplied with spokes, length 182mm, i tried to lace the rims but im stumped, it just dont work it does not want to centre and the spokes seem to fall short when i install the spokes from inside of the hub outwards, i have laced 27" 36 hole rims before and never have had this problem, am i missing something or perhaps the supplied spokes are of wrong size. :|

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