Good bicycle shops in Melbourne

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Good bicycle shops in Melbourne

Postby hfinger » Mon Dec 08, 2014 9:26 am

I went to a refresher course with my wife's sister and her husband run by Steve Taylor of Cycling Safe <> (shameless plug). He also runs a course called Cycling for the Terrified.

My wife was interested by this as she is extremely nervous. Bur we need to get a bike first. Can anybody recommend a good bicycle shop for women in Melbourne, preferably employing some knowledgeable women staff? It would be more convenient if it was in or east of the Melbourne CBD. (We live in Camberwell.)

Can anybody report a good beginner experience at:

  • Velo Cycles, Nicholson St nth fitz
  • Commuter Cycles, Prentice St bruns
  • Bikes on Brunswick

Also, we are looking for a bike similar to the low step-through Specialized Expedition, older step-through models of the Giant Sedona or Cypress. These have only a down tube, so the step through is really low. Ideally, we do not want suspension forks. We will just be riding urban paths or surfaced trails.


P.S. The only reason I am writing is that I am more computer savvy with finding stuff and using forums.

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Re: Good bicycle shops in Melbourne

Postby Blakeylonger » Mon Dec 08, 2014 9:53 am

Yes to Velo, but the female wrench is overseas currently IIRC, the Jamis' they stock would suit nicely.
Yes to Commuter, they have had female wrenches working from time to time, but not full time, I can vouch for their non dudebro-ness. Allegros etc here would suit.
Don't forget Pony Bikes North Melbourne, run by Sasha.

Also look at this:

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Re: Good bicycle shops in Melbourne

Postby outnabike » Mon Dec 08, 2014 10:03 am

I can give a hands up for Velo as I bought my wife's 8 speed hubb bike from them.....but although they are ok at road bike gears ( I think), do not let them touch or adjust a Nexus hub. :) I took it in for the first free service, got it home and the gears were awful. I think they allowed for a lot of stretch too much . I did notice that they didn't test ride it and neither did I, Trusting them. Big mistake, and I re adjusted the gears back to the correct setting.
Bit of a double sided recommendation, but lots of mechs do not bother with internal hub gears, so other shops may be similar in that regard.
I say test ride every thing from now on.That was 18 months ago and the bike is perfect.
Vivente World Randonneur complete with panniers

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Re: Good bicycle shops in Melbourne

Postby m@ » Mon Dec 08, 2014 1:17 pm

I rate both Velo and Commuter very highly and am a regular at both. A female friend was shopping around for a bike and test rode bikes from both, eventually buying from Velo.

Velo in particular really went the extra mile importing a bike in her size, then cutting down the seatpost so she could test ride it all without requiring that she pay a deposit or commit to buying it (though she did end up buying that bike). Commuter were also very helpful, but in the end it came down to the brands stocked by each store.

99 Bikes in Fitzroy would also be well worth a look - they carry the kind of bikes you're looking at, and have some knowledgeable female staff.

A couple of other shops in the Brunswick area were less impressive, trying to offload old floorstock that didn't really suit her requirements, including one bike that was about three sizes too big for her. Not sure who was less impressed - me when I showed up to find her test riding what looked like a tallbike, or the 'sales assistant' when I interrupted his spiel to suggest that she sleep on it before laying down a deposit :|

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Re: Good bicycle shops in Melbourne

Postby MattyK » Wed Dec 10, 2014 12:25 pm

ibikesaustralia down in Oakleigh is run by an older (than me...) couple - the lady really knows her products.

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Re: Good bicycle shops in Melbourne

Postby Top_Bhoy » Wed Dec 10, 2014 11:23 pm

Might be a bit far but Essendon Cyclery

They looked after my friend well when she bought her first bike in 20+ years a few months ago and gave her incentives on a 2015 release which none of the others had offered. Shop stock is limited but they were willing to order in bikes for her to try. I was satisfied they did the right thing by her and she was happy with her result.

It was a girl who served my friend to set the bike up for her so there is at least one girl staff member. If this is important it may be worth checking before going to find out if she will be present.

It is also worth noting that before buying anything, take the time and effort to try out as many different brands as possible. At the same price point most will be capable of equal performance but there will be subtle differences between them which may make one brand preferable over the others. One or two will feel good and others will just feel all wrong.

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Re: Good bicycle shops in Melbourne

Postby ElizabethA04 » Thu Dec 11, 2014 5:53 am

I agree about Essendon Cyclery. There is also another SENSATIONAl shop with top quality customer service in Sunbury "Angry Butcher". It is a spacious shop with a huge range too.

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Re: Good bicycle shops in Melbourne

Postby Johnelliss1 » Tue Oct 06, 2015 8:36 pm

Or else in cycling range, colors, also gear do it.

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