WA would you like to try racing

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WA would you like to try racing

Postby nickobec » Mon May 08, 2017 11:04 pm

Peel Districts Cycling Club is running their first Women’s Tour in conjunction with the Peel Junior Tour at the Motorplex on Saturday May 27. Both the Junior Tour and the Women’s Tour are three races over a day.

The first race is a prologue, a short time trial raced on a road bike (no time trial bars, disc wheels or TT helmets) over a 3.6 kilometre circuit around the Motorplex. Using part of the drag strip, the return road, service roads and car parks for a totally car free environment. Even with smooth surface and a long straights, the circuit can be challenging, with a short sharp climb following the tightest corners on the circuit.

The second is a road race run on the same course, depending on the age group or grade it will be between 5 laps (21 kilometres) and 15 laps (63 kilometres).

The final race is a 500 metre sprint, depending on numbers in each grade or age group, there may be heats and a final. For a fast

The winners will be decided by the placings in all events and the prizes will be some unique Pedal Mafia merchandise.

If you are a women looking at trying out the sport of competitive cycling, this is a great opportunity.

As part of the warm up, experienced riders will take the less experienced riders around the course, pointing out some of the finer points of racing.

First time women racers, will need to select a grade when nominating. However, this can be changed after the prologue. So all riders will be in competitive groups for the road race and sprint.

If riders find a part of the circuit challenging during their prologue, it would be a good idea to watch the more experience riders, including some of the under 17 men and women, who have been racing for more than five years take on that section.

During the road races, we will have experienced riders explaining what is happening to the new riders and spectators.

Women’s D grade, hopefully will include a qualified coach, who will provide coaching to inexperienced riders during the race.

To race, both juniors and women will need a Cycling Australia licence, which includes insurance. For those without a licence there are two options a $38.65 single event licence and a $51.20 three event licence. The advantage of a three event licences, is you get two more events in the next three months for less than $13 dollars and if you do decide to get a full licence, the three event licence cost can be credited to your full licence. For more information visit http://membership.cycling.org.au/
To register for the Peel Junior Tour or Peel Women’s Tour [url]https://eventdesq.sportstg.com/index.cfm?]https://eventdesq.sportstg.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=main&EventDesqID=24924&OrgID=8716[/url]

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