Sydney bicycle manufacturers and importers, 1885-1932

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Sydney bicycle manufacturers and importers, 1885-1932

Postby Johnj » Sun Oct 25, 2009 12:20 am

I have been doing some research and thought it might be worthwhile to share it here. I started looking for information on early Sydney bicycle workshops etc. I found there has been nothing much either published or on the web. Additionally most of what I found was pretty vague. Anyway, one thing led to another and I have compiled a (fairly) complete list for the period covered by Sands Directory. Sands Directory first listed bicycle importers in 1885 and went out of business in 1932, hence the odd spread of years.

Businesses are listed alphabetically. I have included addresses and their dates of operation. I have added other bits and pieces of information where I thought it was interesting. Any further info would be welcome, just PM me. I'd appreciate it if you could hold off on making comments on this thread till I've finished posting the whole list (probably tomorrow), as I think it will be easier to read that way. I find whenever I do a Google search on some obscure Australian "retro bike" topic it tends to lead me to this forum. I hope this list will form a useful resource to be found by browsers.

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Re: Sydney bicycle manufacturers and importers, 1885-1932

Postby hartleymartin » Sun Oct 25, 2009 12:30 am

The Historic Houses Trust also keeps copies of the original Sands directories (they have a library - I visited it once during my library technician's course), although due to their age they have been re-bound.
Martin Christopher Hartley - the top web resource for the Raleigh Twenty

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Sydney bicycle manufacturers and importers, 1885-1932 A-B

Postby Johnj » Sun Oct 25, 2009 12:31 am

Ackland & Platt (M & I)
Ackland & Platt, 222a Castlereagh Street, Sydney, 1912-1932

Alexander & Co. (M)
Alexander & Co., 214 Castlereagh Street, Sydney, Sydney, 1898-1900

Allen, C.S. (I)
Allen, C.S., 359 George Street, Sydney, 1898-1900

Annandale Cycle & Motor Works (M)
Annandale Cycle & Motor Works, 108 Parramatta Road, Petersham, 1923-1924
Annandale Cycle & Motor Works, 218 Parramatta Road, Petersham, 1925-1932

Arlidge, John (M)
Arlidge, John, Railway Parade, Carlton, 1927-1929

Arthur & Co. (I)
Arthur, D.M. & Co., 227 George Street, Sydney, 1896-1897

Austral Cycle Agency (I)
Austral Cycle Agency, 398 George Street, Sydney, W.J.C. Elliott, manager,
Austral Cycle Agency, 73 Market Street, Sydney, W.J.C. Elliott, owner
Austral Cycle Agency, 73 Market Street, Sydney, Alick McNeil, proprietor, brassfounders, finishers, 1904-1906
Austral Cycle and Motor Depot, 73 Market Street, Sydney, Alick McNeil, proprietor, 1908-1910
Austral Cycle and Motor Depot, 73 Market Street, Sydney, Alick McNeil and McIntosh Ltd, 1911
Agent for Star, Humber, Premier, Raleigh, Referee, Aeolus, Smith of Saltley, R.F. Hall & Co., Brooks & Co. and Ants Ball Co. in 1895. Austral amalgamated with the Singer Swift Cycle Co. ca. 1898. W.J.C. Elliott of Austral imported the first motor car to NSW in 1900, a De Dion Bouton voiturette.

Austral Cycle Co. Ltd (Parramatta Branch) (I)
Austral Cycle Co. Ltd, Church Street, Parramatta, 1898-1904

Australian Cycle and Motor Co. Ltd (I)
Australian Cycle and Motor Co. Ltd, 45 York Street, Sydney 1898-1901

Baker, Jim (sometimes James) (M)
Baker, James, 184 Regent Street, Redfern, 1908-1912

Banks, G.H. (M)
Banks, G.H., 5 Beatrice Street, Auburn, 1924-1927

Bates, H.D. (I)
Bates, H.D., 71 Royal Arcade, Sydney, 1904-1912

Beard’s Champion Cycle Works (M)
Beard’s Champion Cycle Works, Great North Road, Five Dock, 1928-1932

Beet, Walter (M)
Beet & Granger, 112 George Street West, Sydney, 1898
Beet, Walter, 67 Liverpool Street, Sydney, 1899-1911

Bell, Frank (M & I)
Bell, Frank, 44 George Street West, Sydney, 1896-1899

Bennett & Barkell (I & M)
Bennett & Barkell, bicycle importers, 234 Pitt Street, Sydney, 1895-1906
Bennett & Barkell, bicycle manufacturers, 234 Pitt Street, and 130-132 Castlereagh Street, Sydney, 1908-11
Bennett & Barkell Ltd, bicycle manufacturers, 130-132 Castlereagh Street, Sydney, 1912-1916
Bennett & Barkell Ltd, bicycle agency, 124-132 Castlereagh Street, Sydney, 1917-1918
Bennett & Barkell Ltd, manufacturers and importers of cycles, motor cycles, accessories and garage equipment, cnr Meagher and Chippen Streets, Sydney, 1919-1933
Manufactured “Wynall” bicycles.

Bennett & Wood (M & I)
Bennett, C.W., 68 King Street, Sydney 1885
Bennett & Wood, 68 King Street, Sydney 1886
Bennett & Wood, 75 King Street, Sydney 1887
Bennett & Wood, 116 Clarence Street, Sydney, 1888-1891
Bennett & Wood, 159 Clarence Street, Sydney, 1892-1896
Bennett & Wood, 397 George Street, Sydney, 1897
Bennett & Wood Ltd, 397 George St, 196 Clarence St Sydney, 1898-1900
Bennett & Wood Riding School, 468 Elizabeth St, Sydney 1898-1899
Bennett & Wood, 53-55 Market St and 196 Clarence St, Sydney, 1901
Bennett & Wood, 53-55 Market St, 1902-7
Bennett & Wood, Cnr Pitt and Bathurst Sts, Sydney 1908-1961 (“Speedwell Corner” from about 1928)

“An amateur champion bicycle meeting has been held in Sydney. In the mile championship race, C.W. Bennett, of the Speedwell Bicycle Club, England, beat F.H. Shackelford, of Melbourne, by a foot after a grand race. In the ten mile championship the positions were reversed, the Victorian winning by about five yards.” (Argus, 11 August 1884, p. 9)

Bennett & Wood Limited applied for a Trade Mark for Speedwell bicycles and accessories in 1897. The first Speedwell bicycles appeared in Melbourne about July 1899 (and possibly earlier in Sydney) when they cost 14 guineas.

Betts, E.L. (M & I)
Betts, E.L., Matchless Cycle Works, Burwood Road, Burwood, 1912-1916

Betts, Frederick. (M & I)
Betts, Frederick, Burwood Road, Burwood, 1915

Biden & Roberts (M)
Biden & Roberts, 150 Hay Street, Sydney, 1921-1932
Originally a motor garage, Biden & Roberts also imported motorbikes.

Black, David (M)
Black, David, 215 Cleveland Street, Sydney, 1915-17
Black, David, 460 Cleveland Street, Sydney, 1920-1932

Blake, F. & Co. (M)
Blake, F. & Co., 447 Kent Street, Sydney, 1903-1907
Began as bicycle enamellers and were manufacturing from about 1906

Bland, Perc. (M)
Bland, Perc., 280 Anzac Parade, South Kensington, 1928-1932

Bourne, H.J. (M & I)
Bourne, H.J., 663 Darling Street, Rozelle/Balmain, 1902-1907
Bourne, H.J., 124 Weston Road (now Victoria Road), Rozelle, 1908-1918
Bourne operated a plumbing business as well which continued after he stopped selling bicycles.

Bowles Brothers (I)
Bowles Brothers, 69 Glebe Street, Ryde, 1928-1931
Bowles Brothers, Great North Road, Gladesville, 1932

Bowles, J. (M)
Bowles, J., Parramatta Rd, Ryde, 1927
This appears to be an erroneous entry as Parramatta Road goes nowhere near Ryde. It may be a conflation of R. Bowles and Bowles Brothers.

Bowles, Richard H. (M)
Bowles, Richard H., Belmore Road, Randwick, 1912-1916
Bowles, R., 91 Parramatta Road, Annandale, 1919
Bowles, R.H., Burwood Road, Burwood, 1919-1922
Bowles, R.H., Beamish Street, Campsie, 1920-1922
Bowles, R., 204 Parramatta Road, Petersham, 1929-1932
There appears to be some connection between H.H. Whale and R.H. Bowles, who both occupied some of the above addresses at different times.

Bowles, S.S. (M)
Bowles, S.S., 194 Burwood Road, Burwood, 1923-1926
There appears to be some connection between H.H. Whale and S.S. Bowles, who both occupied the above addresses at different times.

Bowles, Sid (I)
Bowles, Sid, 46 Railway Street, Lidcombe, 1929-1932

Bradley, Thomas (M)
Bradley, Thomas, 452 Oxford Street, Paddington, 1909-1911

Brewer, Harold (M)
Brewer, Harold, 184 New Canterbury Road, Petersham, 1911-1925
Brewer, Harold, 178 New Canterbury Road, Petersham, 1926-1932

Brisbane, Harry (M)
Brisbane, Harry, 9 Glebe Point Road, Glebe, 1910-1931

British Cycle Agency (I)
British Cycle Agency, Bridge Road, Strathfield, 1910-1912

Brown, A.W.G. (M)
Brown, A.W.G., 137 Liverpool Road, Ashfield, 1899-1909

Brown, Alphonso (I)
Brown, Alphonso, 246 Pitt Street, Sydney, 1906-1917
Agent for Columbia cycles and motors to 1915

Brown, Arthur (I)
Brown Arthur, 179a George Street West, Sydney, 1895

Brown, Arthur (M)
Brown, Arthur, Church Street, Parramatta, 1905-1907

Buckingham, W. (M)[/b]
Buckingham, W., 364 Parramatta Road, Petersham, 1914-1916

Burnip & Co. (I)
Burnip, J.T. & Co., 47 King Street, Sydney, 1896-ca. 1900
General importers, it appears the firm was only briefly involved in bicycle importing. Sole agents for the R and S Cycles, 1897.

Button, F. (M)
Button, F., Frederick Street, Rockdale, 1924-1926
Button, F., 54a South Parade, Auburn, 1927-1932

Byrnes Brothers (M)
Byrnes Brothers, 61½ Market Street, Sydney, 1910-1913
Byrnes Brothers, 56 Enmore Road, Enmore, 1914

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Sydney bicycle manufacturers and importers, 1885-1932, C-D

Postby Johnj » Sun Oct 25, 2009 12:36 am

Callinan, Frank (I)
Callinan, 85 Botany Road, Botany, 1914-1925
Callinan, Frank & Sons, 227 Botany Road, Mascot, 1928-1932

Canada Cycle & Motor Co. Ltd., Sydney (I)
Canada Cycle & Motor Co. Ltd., 385 George Street, Sydney, 1902-1905
Canada Cycle & Motor Co. Ltd., 625 George Street, Sydney, 1906-1910

Canada Cycle & Motor Co. Ltd., 822 George Street, Sydney, 1911-1914
Sydney agent/distributor for Massey Harris bicycles. Country distributors were located in Albury, Forbes, Glen Innes, Goulburn, Grafton, Inverell, Lismore, Newcastle and Queanbeyan. Some of the country distributors outlasted Sydney, with the Grafton distributors still trading in 1930.

Candrick, J. (M)
Candrick, J., 205 King Street, Newtown, 1923-1924

Cannan, Joseph (M)
Cannan, Joseph, Burwood Road, Burwood, 1908-1910

Canning, W.E. Pty. Ltd. (I)
Canning, W.E. Pty. Ltd., 118 The Strand, Sydney, 1902-1905
Wholesalers only for bicycles and parts

Carter, Ernest E. (M)
Carter, Ernest E., 88 Mill Hill Road, Waverley, 1905
Carter, E.E., 87 Oxford Street (later called Upper Oxford Street), Waverley, 1906-1921
Carter’s shop in Waverley was occupied by J.D. Elliott from 1922.

Cavey, George (M)
Cavey, George, 62 Marion Street, Leichhardt, 1908-1909
Cavey, George T., 65 Smith Street, Summer Hill, 1910-1915

Central Cycle Agency (I)
Central Cycle Agency, 379 Cleveland Street, Sydney, 1910

Chamberlain, W.A.F. (M)
Chamberlain, W.A.F., Auburn Road, Auburn, 1909-1912

Clapshaw, R. (M)
Clapshaw, R., 454 Illawarra Road, Marrickville, 1924

Clarke, A. (M)
Clarke, A., 308 Abercrombie Street, Redfern, 1912-1916

Clarke, Joseph (M)
Clarke, Joseph, 38 Glebe Point Road, Glebe, 1910-1918

Colonial Motor & Cycle Co. (I)
Colonial Motor & Cycle Co., 145 Castlereagh Street, Sydney, 1905-1906

Cooke, Alfred (M)
Cooke, Alfred, 124 Castlereagh Street, Sydney, 1898-1900
Cooke’s main business seems to have been watchmaking.

Coombes, A.H. (I)
Coombes, A.H., 594 (later 588) Parramatta Road, Petersham, 1915-1921

Cooper, J.E. (M)
Cooper, J.E., Joseph Street, Rookwood, 1905-1908

Copland, J. (M)
Copland, James, 165 Redfern Street, Redfern. 1886-1887

Cranney, L. (M & I)
Cranney, L. Church Street, Parramatta, 1898-1904

Crossley, H.J. (M)
Crossley, H.J., Chapel Road, Bankstown, 1924

Cycle Import Company (I)
Cycle Import Company, 7 Sydney Arcade, George Street, Sydney, 1896-8
Cycle Import Company, 41 Sydney Arcade, George Street, Sydney, 1899

Davey, W.J. (M)
Davey, W.J., 110c Bathurst Street, Sydney, 1919-1932

Davis, Charles (M)
Davis, Charles, Canterbury Road, Canterbury, 1917-1922

Davis, W. (M)
Davis, W., 24 Penshurst Street, Willoughby, 1932

Day, John W. (I)
Day, John W., Moore Street, Liverpool, 1912-1913
Day, John W., Scott Street, Liverpool, 1914-1919

Dean, C.F. (I)
Dean, C.F., 135 Penshurst Street, Willoughby, 1932

Debus, Bernard (M)
Debus, B., 228 Liverpool Road, Enfield, 1927-1932

Delandro, Frank (M)
Delandro, Frank, 374 Lane Cove Road, North Sydney, 1913-1917
Frank Delandro became a dealer for Ford cars.

Dredge, John (M)
Dredge, John, 430 Parramatta Road, Petersham, 1909-1910

Dudley, William (M)
Dudley, William, 80 Belmore Road, Randwick, 1919-1920

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Sydney bicycle manufacturers and importers, 1885-1932 E-G

Postby Johnj » Sun Oct 25, 2009 12:44 am

Early, H.J. (M)
Early, H.J., 27 Sydney Road, Manly, 1918-1920

Eclipse Bicycle Co. (I)
Eclipse Bicycle Co., 369 George Street, Sydney, 1898-1900

Edmunds, F. (M)
Edmunds, F., Marrickville Road, Marrickville, 1904-1905

Edwards, F. (M)
Edwards, F., 6 Cunningham Street, Sydney, 1924

Edworthy, Edward (M)
Edworthy, E., 544 Parramatta Road, Petersham, 1909-1918
Edworthy, E., 625 Parramatta Road, Leichhardt, 1920
Edworthy, E., 346 Woodville Road, Granville, 1916-1932
Manufactured “Edworthy” bicycles.

Edworthy, John (M)
Edworthy, John, 97 (later 95) Weston Road (now Victoria Road), Rozelle, 1906-1919
The Powerhouse Museum in their entry on the Edworthy bicycle business gives a date of 1896 for the establishment of the shop at 97 Weston Road. A thorough check of the residences of the Edworthy family suggest that the museum’s information is incorrect.

Edworthy, S. (M)
Edworthy, S., 576 Parramatta Road, Petersham, 1920-1926
Edworthy, S., 599 Parramatta Road, Leichhardt, 1927-1932

Elliott, J.D. (M)
Elliott, J.D., 62 Oxford Street, Paddington, 1910-1921
Elliott, J.D., 87 Upper Oxford Street, Waverley, 1922-1927
Elliott, J.D., 401 Burwood Road, Belmore, 1925-1932
Elliott took over Ernest E Carter’s shop at 87 Upper Oxford Street, Waverley in 1922.

Elliott, W.J.C. (M)
Elliott, W.J.C., 137 Castlereagh Street, Sydney, 1905
Elliott, W.J.C., 107 Castlereagh Street, Sydney, 1905-1910
The business became Elliott’s Motors in 1911 and appears to have ceased trading in bicycles.

Empson, James W. (M)
Empson James W., 126 Falcon Street, North Sydney, 1910-1917
Empson J., 159 Lane Cove Road, North Sydney, 1918-1920
Empson & Co., 159 Lane Cove Road, North Sydney, 1921-1929

English & American Agency Co. (I)
English & American Agency Co., 416 George Street, Sydney, 1898-1900

Edgar, John (I)
Edgar, John, 133 York Street, Sydney, 1895-1901

Fallick W.C. (I)
Fallick, William C. & Sons, 196 Pitt Street, Sydney, 1890-1896
Ironmongery firm

Federal Cycle Agency (I)
Federal Cycle Agency, Imperial Arcade, Sydney, 1898-1900

Finch, Henry (M)
Finch, Henry, 180 King Street, Newtown, 1905

Finlay, Forest (M)
Finlay, Forest, 375 George Street, Sydney, 1904-1906
Finlay, Forest, 139 Enmore Road, Enmore, 1906-1907
Finlay, Forest, 61½ Market Street, Sydney, 1907
Finlay, Forest, 77 Market Street, Sydney, 1908

Fisher & Lingham (I)
Fisher & Lingham, Victoria Arcade, 44 Castlereagh Street, Sydney, 1896-ca. 1900
Typewriter importers from 1894, bicycles appear to have been a sideline for a few years.

Foy, Albert (M)
Foy, Albert, Burwood Road, Burwood, 1904-1907
Foy, Albert, 680 Military Road, Mosman, 1910-1928

Fulton’s Bicycle Works (M)
Fulton’s Bicycle Works, 540 Marrickville Road, Dulwich Hill, 1926-1928

Gale, A.W. (M)
Gale, A.W., Lane Cove Road, Lindfield, 1926-1932

Galloway & Wilson (M)
Galloway & Wilson, Botany Road, North Botany, 1910-1911

Ganey, George (I)
Ganey, George, 25 The Seven Ways, Rockdale, 1928-1932

Garnsey, Clarence W. (M)
Garnsey, Clarence W., 312 Victoria Road, Marrickville, 1926-1932

Gerster, Edward B. (M)
Gerster, Edward B., 346 Crown Street, Sydney, 1905-1906

Gladiator Cycle Company (I)
Gladiator Cycle Company (Paris), C.S. Allen, 44 Carrington Street, Sydney, 1896-1897

Goedecker & Ratazzi (I)
Goedecker & Ratazzi, Paling’s Buildings, 346 George Street, Sydney, 1891-1893
Goedecker, C. & Co., Paling’s Buildings, 346 George Street, Sydney, 1894
General importers

Goodhew, S.H.B. (M)
Goodhew, S.H.B., 188 Forest Road, Hurstville, 1910-1929

Goodhew, Syd (M)
Goodhew, Syd, Beamish Street, Campsie, 1913-1915
This is probably a branch of S.H.B. Goodhew of Hurstville.

Goody, Horace (M)
Goody, Horace, Smithfield Street, Smithfield, 1925-1932

Goodyear, Syd (M)
Goodyear, Syd, Forest Road, Hurstville, 1915

Goold Bicycle Company (I)
Goold Bicycle Company, A.J. Knowles, manager, 74 King Street, Sydney 1896-1898
Goold Bicycle Company, F.J. Woodland, manager for Australasia, 64 King Street, Sydney 1899-1902
Goold Bicycles were produced in Brantford, Ontario, Canada.

Grace Cycle Co. Ltd. (I)
Grace Cycle Co. Ltd., 114a Pitt Street, Sydney, 1898-1900

Graham, E.W. (M)
Graham, E.W., 182 George Street West, Sydney, 1897-1900
Graham was also a gunsmith.

Gray, F. (I)
Gray, F., 418 Forest Road, Bexley, 1930-1932

Griffiths, G.A. (M)
Griffiths, G.A., 8 Bridge Street, Lidcombe, 1919-1932

Griffiths, L.W. (M)
Griffiths, L.W., Bay Street, Rockdale 1913-1916
Griffiths, L.W., Rocky Point Road, Rockdale 1917-1919

Grimley, Frank (I)
Grimley, Frank, 263 Clarence Street, Sydney 1898-1906
Frank Grimley was a saddler and ironmonger from 1884. Agent for Buffalo Spring & Gear Co., USA.

Grist, Harold (M)
Grist, Harold, 164 Anzac Parade, Kensington, 1920-1924

Groves, Albert (M)
Groves, Albert, 264 Elswick Street, Leichhardt, 1913-1916

Grundy, James (M)
Grundy, James, 56 Oxford Street, Sydney, 1898-1900
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Sydney bicycle manufacturers and importers, 1885-1932, H-K

Postby Johnj » Sun Oct 25, 2009 12:49 am

Hall & Warden (M)
Hall & Warden, 223 Castlereagh Street, Sydney, 1904-1907
Also manufacturers of perambulators.

Hall Brothers (M & I)
Hall Brothers, 51-53 Druitt Street, Sydney, 1908-1912
J.G. Hall and F.B. Hall. Also motor manufacturers and importers. Sole agent for “Ferro” motors.

Hall, R.W. (M)
Hall, R.W., 113 Victoria Road, Marrickville, 1924-1925

Hands, J.G. (M)
Hands, J.G., 548 Parramatta Road, Petersham, 1927-1932

Hardy, H.S. (M)
Hardy, H.S., 277 Elizabeth Street, Sydney, 1903-1909
Cycle and motor works.

Harris, Henry W. (M)
Harris, Henry W., 26 Oxford Street, Paddington, 1902-1906

Harrison, E. (M)
Harrison, E., 139 Enmore Road, Enmore, 1908-1914
Harrison took over Forest Finlay’s bicycle works.

Harvey, Major (M)
Harvey, Major, 16 Auburn Road, Auburn, 1917-1920

Heathwood, W. (M)
Heathwood, W., 108 Weston Street, Balmain, 1898-1900

Hebblewhite & Co (I)
Hebblewhite & Co, 377 George Street, Sydney, 1896-1905
Hebblewhite & Co, 77 Market Street, Sydney, 1906-1907
Agents for Willcox & Gibbs bicycles.

Hedmunds, H. (M)
Hedmunds, H. 661 Parramatta Road, Leichhardt, 1925-1927

Heine, W. (I)
Heine, W., 159 Lane Cove Road, North Sydney, 1930-1932

Henderson, T.W. (M & I)
Henderson, T.W., 40-42 Park Street, Sydney, 1905-1914
Henderson, T.W., 26 Oxford Street, Paddington, 1907-1910
Henderson, T.W. Ltd, 40-42 Park Street, Sydney, 1915-1923
Also a gun dealer. Henderson manufactured “Carbine” bicycles, possibly from 1907 when he took over Henry Harris’s bicycle works at 26 Oxford Street, Paddington. Prior to 1907 Henderson only advertised as an importer and the name “Carbine” first appears in his listing in 1907. Henderson may have purchased the name from Lincoln Stuart and Co. Ltd, a Melbourne firm who registered the “Carbine” name in 1896 and sold bicycles from 1896. The name Carbine derives from the Melbourne Cup-winning horse. Henderson’s business was sold to Walcott & Evans in 1923, with F.D. Walcott continuing solo from 1925.

Hillsdon Brothers (M)
Hillsdon Brothers, Auburn Road, Auburn, 1911-1920
Hillsdon Brothers, Sydney Road, Granville, 1911-1914
Hillsdon Brothers, 103 Church Street, Parramatta, 1916-1920
Hillsdon Brothers produced “Clyde” bicycles. About 1920 the Hillsdon Brothers partnership appears to have dissolved. S.J. Hillsdon took over the Parramatta shop.

Hillsdon, J. (M)
Hillsdon, J. (John T.?), 129 Parramatta Road, Concord, 1924-1932

Hillsdon, S.J. (M)
Hillsdon, S.J. (Stanley John or Stanly James?), 103 Church Street, Parramatta, 1921-1932
The shop at 103 Church Street had been Hillsdon Brothers up to 1920. Builders of SJH cycles.

Hillsdon, W. (M)
Hillsdon, W. (Walter?), North Parade, Auburn, 1924-1932

Hinds, J.G. (I)
Hinds, J.G., 138 New Canterbury Road, Marrickville, 1930-1932

Hinton Brothers (M)
Hinton Brothers, 135 King Street, Newtown, 1927-1932

Holdsworth & Co (I)
Holdsworth, J.B. & Co, 448 George Street, Sydney, 1885

Honeyman, J. (M)
Honeyman, J., Canterbury Road, Canterbury, 1924

Howard & Co. (I)
Howard & Co., 38-40 Pitt Street, Sydney and Macquarie Place, Sydney, 1898-1900
Howard & Co. were general merchants and importers who imported bicycles for a few years.

Hubbard, S.G. (I)
Hubbard, S.G., 94 George Street West, 1915-1917

Hudson Brothers (I)
Hudson Brothers, 47 King Street, Newtown, 1896-1898
Hudson Brothers, cycle depot, 117 King Street, Newtown, 1899-1900

Hunt, Charles G. (M)
Hunt, Charles G., Cross Street, Guildford, 1922-1925

Huntington, S.M. (M)
Huntington, S.M., Falcon Street, Crows Nest, 1924

Hutchin, J. (M)
Hutchin, J., 22 The Corso, Manly, 1902-1906
Hutchin was a bootmaker and cycles appear to have been a sideline.

Huttley, Ernest (M)
Huttley, Ernest, off 56 Holt Street, 1914
Huttley, Ernest, 473 Elizabeth Street, Sydney, 1915
Huttley, Ernest, 373 Cleveland Street, 1916-1917

Hyde Park Cycle Depot (M)
Hyde Park Cycle Depot, 217 Elizabeth Street, Sydney, 1902-1904

Innes & Mills (I)
Innes & Mills, 84 Bathurst Street, Sydney, 1899-1904
Innes & Mills, 88½ Bathurst Street, Sydney, 1905

Innes, George & Co. (I)
Innes, George & Co., 131 York Street, Sydney, 1906
Later became a firm of motor engineers.

James and R. & P. (I)
James and R. & P., 196 Pitt Street, Sydney, 1898-1900
John C. Charles, proprietor

Jamieson, W. (M)
Jamieson, W., 471 Elizabeth Street, Sydney, 1925-1932

Jempson, John (M & I)
Jempson, John, 94 Cooper Street, Waverley 1924
Jempson, J., 476 Old South Head Road, Woollahra, 1925-1926
Jempson, J., 482 Old South Head Road, Woollahra, 1928-1932

Johnston, Gordon (I)
Johnston, Gordon, 285 Pitt Street, Sydney, 1910

Jude, Ralph (M)
Jude, Ralph, Kogarah Road, Kogarah, 1905-1908
Jude, Ralph, Rocky Point Road, Rockdale, 1909-1917

Kindred, C. (I)
Kindred C., 282 George Street, Sydney, 1896

King, F.W. (M)
King, F.W., 356 King Street, Newtown, 1902-1904

Knowles, William S. (M)
Knowles, William S., 313 Pitt Street, Sydney, 1905
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Sydney bicycle manufacturers and importers, 1885-1932 L-M

Postby Johnj » Sun Oct 25, 2009 12:54 am

Larke, W. & F. (M)
Larke, W. & F., 313 Pitt Street, Sydney, 1905
Larke, W. & F., 221 Clarence Street, Sydney, 1906-1907
Larke, W. & F., 150 Clarence Street, Sydney, 1908-1911
Larke, W. & F., 52-54 Bay Street, Sydney, 1912-1917

Lawrence Smith & Co. (M & I)
Lawrence Smith & Co., 58 Market Street, Sydney, 1906-1928
Contract suppliers to the NSW government. They appear to have become a motor supplier and may have ceased supplying bicycle parts before 1928.

Laws & Stevenson (M)
Laws & Stevenson Cycle Shop, 89 Weston Road (now Victoria Road), Rozelle, 1925-1927

Lawson, Charles (M)
Lawson, Charles, 10 Beattie Street, Balmain, 1915-1916

Lawson, James T. (I)
Lawson, James, 739-741 Darling Street, Rozelle, 1907-1908
Lawson, James T., 68 Beattie Street, Balmain, 1909-1911

Leet, H.D. (M)
Leet, H.D., 248b Oxford Street, Woollahra, 1927-1932

Light, J. (M)
Light, J., 273 Beamish Street, Campsie, 1924-1932
Manufactured “Gladwyn” bicycles (per Canberra Museum list).

Lightfoot, J.R. (I)
Lightfoot, J.R., Jersey Street, Hornsby, 1928-1932

Lowden, L.E. (M)
Lowden, L.E., 123 King Street, Newtown, 1920-1921
Lowden’s shop was used by W.B. Stevens from 1922.

Luker, Frederick (M)
Luker, Frederick, 32 Sydney Road, Manly, 1924

Luker, Les (M)
Luker, Les, Short Street, Manly, 1927-1930

Lyon, Athol J. (M)
Lyon, A.J., 294 Oxford Street, Woollahra, 1906-1909
Lyon, Athol J., 460 Cleveland Street, Sydney, 1910-1914
Lyon, A.J., 356a Oxford Street, Woollahra, 1915-1920

McCartney, J.B. (M)
McCartney, J.B., 311 Pitt Street, Sydney, 1915

McCombe & Co. (M)
McCombe & Co., 206 Castlereagh Street, Sydney, 1898-1900
McCombe & Co., 843½ Bathurst Street, Sydney, 1901
McCombe & Co., 218a Castlereagh Street, Sydney, 1902-1903
McCombe & Co., 233½ Sussex Street, Sydney, 1904

McDermott, J. F. (I)
McDermott, J. F., 48 Clarence Street, Sydney, 1898-1902
McDermott, J.F. & Co., 87 Market Street, Sydney, 1902-1904
Agents for Imperial bicycles

McEwan, William (M & I)
McEwan William, 211 George Street, Sydney, 1896-1910

McQueen, E.S. (I)
McQueen, E.S., 81 Majors Bay Road, Concord, 1932

Maplesden Cycle Works (M & I)
Maplesden Cycle Works, C.M. Pacey proprietor, 24 King Street, Newtown, 1899-1904
Formerly Newtown Cycle Agency

Martin & Co (I)
Martin, James & Co, 369 George Street, Sydney, 1885-1886
Martin, James & Co, 121 York Street, Sydney, 1888-1892

Marsden, Percy E. (M)
Marsden, Percy E., 458 Cleveland Street, Sydney, 1898-1900

Mascot Cycles (I)
Mascot Cycles, 113 Botany Road, Mascot, 1932

Massey-Harris Co. Ltd (I)
Massey-Harris Co. Ltd, 385 George Street, Sydney, 1898-1904
Later became Canada Cycle & Motor Co. Ltd

Masters & Mathieson (I)
Masters & Mathieson, 289 Anzac Parade, Kensington, 1928-1932

Maud J.M. (M and I)
Maud, Joseph Marshall, 67 Liverpool Street, Sydney, 1890-1898
Maud, Joseph Marshall, 515 George Street, Sydney, 1898-1913
Sole agent for the “Acme” (Sears and Roebuck) cycle.

Melrose, C.A. (M)
Melrose, C.A., 17 Hercules Street, Ashfield, 1902-1906
Melrose, C.A., 354 Lane Cove Road, North Sydney, 1908-1910

Metropolitan Motor & Cycle Co. Ltd. (I)
Metropolitan Motor & Cycle Co. Ltd., 155 Elizabeth Street, Sydney, 1905

Mitchell, John (M)
Mitchell, John, 139 Enmore Road, Enmore, 1900-1904
139 Enmore Road became the address of R. Newman from 1905.

Moore, Jack G. (M)
Moore, Jack, 362 Military Road, Mosman, 1927-1932

Moss Moses & Co. (I)
Moss Moses & Co., Wynyard Lane, Sydney, 1898-1925

Mott, Herbert A. (M)
Mott, Herbert A., Marrickville Road, 1906-7

Mylecherane, J.R. (I)
Mylecherane, J.R., 3 Northumberland Road, Auburn, 1930-1932

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Sydney bicycle manufacturers and importers, 1885-1932, N-P

Postby Johnj » Sun Oct 25, 2009 12:59 am

Nason & Co (I)
Nason & Company, 34 Market Street, Sydney, 1896-1897
Sole agents for R. Foster & Co.’s Moseley Cycles

Neale Brothers (I)
Neale Brothers, 639 Lane Cove Road, Chatswood, 1930-1932

Nelson, G.W. (M)
Nelson, G.W., Beamish Street, Campsie, 1924

Nesbitt, E.R. (M)
Nesbitt, E.R., 6 Regent Street, Kogarah, 1927

Newman, R. (M)
Newman, R., 139 Enmore Road, Enmore, 1904-1905
Newman occupied the works previously occupied by John Mitchell and was replaced by Forest Finlay.

Newton, R., (I)
Newton, R., 113 Walker Street, North Sydney, 1902-1913

Newton, R.D., (M)
Newton, R., 107 Liverpool Road, Ashfield, 1911-1916

Newtown Cycling Agency (M & I)
Newtown Cycling Agency, 24 King Street, Newtown, 1896-1899
A.W.G. Brown & Co (1896)
Pacey & May (1898)
Later Maplesden Cycle Works, C.M. Pacey proprietor

Nivens’ Cycles (M)
Nivens’ Cycles, 42a George Street, Parramatta, 1932

Niven, R. (M)
Niven, R., 77 Auburn Road, Auburn, 1924-1932
Manufactured “Niven” bicycles (per Canberra Museum list).

Norris & Son (M)
Norris, W.H. & Son, bicycle manufacturers, 9 Botany Street, Redfern, 1895-1900

O’Brien, A. (I)
O’Brien, A., Church Street, Parramatta, 1895-1896

O’Brien, Edward (M)
O’Brien, Edward, 138 Regent Street, Redfern, 1918-1932
Same address as Redfern Cycle Works

O’Neil, D.S. (I)
O’Neil, D.S., 101½ Botany Road, Botany, 1930-1932

O’Neill, Daniel (M)
O’Neill, Daniel, 162 Forest Road, Hurstville, 1927-1932

O’Reilly & Co. (I)
O’Reilly & Co., 266 Pitt Street, Sydney, 1902-1906

O’Reilly, James (I)
O’Reilly, James, 78 George Street West, Sydney, 1898-1903
O’Reilly also sold pianos.

O’Sullivan, E.M.
O’Sullivan, E.M., 115 Goulburn Street, Sydney, 1924-1932

Ockenden & Co. (M)
Ockenden, H. & Co., 67 Liverpool Street, Sydney, 1898-1900

Omodie & Finch (I)
Omodie & Finch, 323 Castlereagh Street, Sydney, 1923-1925

Orr & Finch (M)
Orr & Finch, 110 King Street, Newtown, 1902-1904
From 1905 C.S. Orr and Henry Finch each had separate establishments in King Street, Newtown, with Orr continuing at 110 King Street.

Orr, C.S. (M)
Orr, C.S., 110 King Street, Newtown, 1905-1909
110 King Street became the address of W.B. Stevens in 1910.

Orr, Sidney B. (M)
Orr, S.B., 117 King Street, Newtown, 1901-1905

Overman Wheel Co. (I)
Overman Wheel Co., Mutual Life Building, Martin Place, Sydney, 1898-1900

Owen, L. (I)
Owen, L., 426 Burwood Road, Belmore, 1930-1932

Palmer, L.V. (M)
Palmer, L.V., 41 George Street West, Sydney, 1910-1926

Paris, Charles (M)
Paris, Charles, New Canterbury Road, Dulwich Hill, 1906-1916
Paris, Charles, Loftus Street, Dulwich Hill, 1917-1926
Business continued by John Paris.

Paris, John (M)
Paris, John, 12 Loftus Street, Dulwich Hill, 1927-1932
Continued from Charles Paris.

Parsons, E.C.A (M)
Parsons, E.C.A, Military Road, Mosman, 1905

Paskin & Kenny (I)
Paskin & Kenny, 55 King Street, Newtown, 1929-1932

Pattison, J.D. (I)
Pattison, J.D., 75 Elizabeth Street, Sydney, 1898-ca. 1900

Pateman, John D. (M)
Pateman, John D., Church Street, Parramatta, 1910-1911

Peek, George, (M)
Peek, George, 140 Parramatta Road, Annandale, 1908-1910

Perfect Cycle Agency (I)
Perfect Cycle Agency, 637 George Street, Sydney, 1902-1904

Perry & Woolvar (I)
Perry & Woolvar, 11 Elizabeth Street, Waterloo, 1928-1932

Phizackerley, Isaac (M & I)
Phizackerley, Isaac, 61 Druitt Street, Sydney, 1885-1898
379a George Street, Sydney, 1900-1906
Isaac Phizackerley, (1860?-1940) went on to become a motor car and tyre importer.

Poole (I)
Poole, Chapel Road, Bankstown, 1932

Poole Brothers (I)
Poole Brothers, Punchbowl Road, Punchbowl, 1927-1932

Poole, G.H. (M)
Poole, G.H., 151 Haldon Street, Lakemba, 1929-1932

Poole, W.R. (I)
Poole, W.R., Punchbowl Road, Punchbowl, 1932

Powell, A.J. (M)
Powell, A.J., 362 Parramatta Road, Petersham, 1905-1915

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Re: Sydney bicycle manufacturers and importers, 1885-1932, R-S

Postby Johnj » Sun Oct 25, 2009 1:04 am

Rayner, L.T. (M)
Rayner, L.T., 56 Market Street, Sydney, 1898-1900

Redfern Cycle Works (M)
Redfern Cycle Works, 138 Regent Street, Redfern, 1914-1932
Same address as Edward O’Brien

Reely, T.S. (M)
Reely, T.S., 370 Military Road, Neutral Bay, 1923-1924

Roberts & Evans (M)
Roberts & Evans, Blue Street, North Sydney, 1898-1900

Robinson, George (I)
Robinson, George, 484 Old South Head Road (later 484 Oxford Street), Woollahra, 1902-1907

Roche, A.E. (M)
Roche, A.E., 166 King Street, Newtown, 1905

Rocket Cycle & Motor Works (M)
Rocket Cycle & Motor Works, 78 George Street West, Sydney, 1905-1906

Rolfe, J (M & I)
Rolfe, J., 81 Elizabeth Street, Sydney, 1885-1886

Russell, Robert (M)
Russell, Robert, 169 Castlereagh Street, Sydney, 1898-1903

Saul, Percy (M)
Saul, Percy, Great North Road, Five Dock, 1921-1932

Saunders Brothers (M)
Saunders Brothers, 272 Church Street, Parramatta, 1903-1932
Saunders Brothers also dealt in motorbikes and guns. By the 1920s bicycles were only a small part of the business.

Saxon, E.J. (M)
Saxon, E.J., 548 Parramatta Road, Petersham, 1926-1932

Scale, Robert (M)
Scale, Robert, 294 Military Road, North Sydney, 1902-1904

Scruse, Joe (I & M)
Scruse, J., 134 Oxford Street, Paddington, 1929-1932
Manufactured “Arrow”, “Whippett” and “Advance” bicycles (per Canberra Museum list).

Selby, Arthur O. (M)
Selby, Arthur O., 55 Broadway, Glebe, 1906

Sharenberg, Charles T. (M)
Sharenberg, Charles T., 117 Liverpool Road, Ashfield, 1913-1915

Shaw, C.J. (M)
Shaw, C.J., Merrylands Road, Merrylands, 1924-1932

Shorter, M. (I)
Shorter, M., 52 King Street, North, Newtown, 1888
Bicycle and tricycle importer

Singer & Co (I)
B. Singer & Co, 85 Market Street, Sydney, 1885-1886

Sloane, R.E. (M)
Sloane, R.E., 103 King Street, Newtown, 1908-1913
Sloane, R.E., 123 King Street, Newtown, 1914-1917
Sloane’s premises at 123 King Street became L.E. Lowden’s shop and later belonged to W.B. Stevens. Sloane was a manufacturer and also a district agent for Bennett & Wood.

Skinner, E.J. (I)
Skinner, E.J., 44 George Street West, 1902-1907

Smith, A.J. & Co. (I)
Smith, A.J. & Co., 241 Pitt Street, Sydney, 1914-1915
A.J. Smith & Co. were rubber stamp manufacturers who imported bicycles for a few years.

Smith, Charles (M)
Smith, Charles, 64 Weston Road, Rozelle, 1906
Smith, Charles, 693 Darling Street, Rozelle, 1907-1914

Sneesby Henry (M)
Sneesby, Henry, Joseph Street, Rookwood, 1905-1914
Henry Taber Sneesby appears to have dealt in bicycles from about 1910 to 1914.

Stanley, H.A. (I)
Stanley, Henry A. & Co., 234 Pitt Street, Sydney, 1892-1894
Stanley, Henry A. & Co., 266 Pitt Street, Sydney, 1898-1901
Stanley, Henry A. & Co., 93-95 John Street, Petersham, 1907-1915
In 1892 Henry A Stanley & Co. were agents for Robinson & Price, Sanspareil, Whitworth and Rival bicycles.

Stapleton, W. (M)
Stapleton, W., 30 Henderson Road, Alexandria, 1912-1917
Stapleton, W., 208 Henderson Road, Alexandria, 1918

Starkey Bros & Co. Ltd (I)
Starkey Bros & Co. Ltd., 155 Elizabeth Street, Sydney, 1900-1902

Stevens, William B. (M)
Stevens, William B., 227 Henderson Road, Alexandria, 1895-1897
Stevens, W.B. & Co, 123 Regent Street, Sydney, 1898-1899
Stevens, W.B. & Co, George Street West, Sydney, 1900
Stevens, W.B., 62 Regent Street, Sydney, 1901-1903
Stevens, W.B., 34 King Street, Newtown, 1905-1909
Stevens, W.B., 110 King Street, Newtown, 1910-1921
Stevens, W.B., 123 King Street, Newtown, 1922-1932
In 1922 Stevens took over L.E. Lowden’s King Street shop.

Stevenson, D.L. (M)
Stevenson, D.L., 86 Weston Street, Rozelle, 1924

Stokes, Alfred (I)
Stokes, Alfred, 373a George Street, Sydney, 1898-1900

Stott & Hoare (I)
Stott & Hoare, Martin Chambers, Moore Street, Sydney, 1898-1900
Sole agents for Remington bicycles

Sully, George (M)
Sully, George, 149 Parramatta Road, Annandale, 1915-1921

Sydney Cycle Company Ltd. (M & I)
Sydney Cycle Company Ltd., Equitable Buildings, 397 George Street, Sydney, 1899-1904
Sydney Cycle Company Ltd., 58 King Street, Sydney, 1905
Sydney Cycle Company Ltd., 19 Market Street, Sydney, 1906-1910
Agents for the Cleveland Bicycle.

Sydney Cycle Exchange (I)
Sydney Cycle Exchange, 89½ King Street, Sydney, 1896-1899
Sydney Bicycle Exchange, Imperial Arcade, 170 Pitt Street, Sydney, 1900

Sydney Motor Car Depot & Garage (M)
Sydney Motor Car Depot & Garage, 253-259 Elizabeth Street, Sydney, 1906

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Sydney bicycle manufacturers and importers, 1885-1932, T-Z

Postby Johnj » Sun Oct 25, 2009 1:10 am

T.J.S. Cycles (M)
T.J.S. Cycle Works, Sydney Road, Granville, 1931-1932

Tame, J. (M)
Tame, J., 238 Liverpool Road, Enfield, 1923-1928
Tame, J., 344 Liverpool Road, Enfield, 1929-1932

Tapp, R.H. (M)
Tapp, R.H., South Terrace, Bankstown, 1924-1932

Thomas, C.J. (M)
Thomas, C.J., 280 Anzac Parade, South Kensington, 1925-1927

Thomas, George (M)
Thomas, G., 149 Parramatta Road, Annandale, 1906-1907

Thomas, Harold (M)
Thomas, Harold, 103 King Street, Newtown, 1906-1907

Tipper, H.A. (M)
Tipper, H.A., Gordon Road, Gordon, 1901-1904
Tipper, H.A., 93 George Street West, Sydney, 1905-1908

Tobin, E.J. & Co. (I)
Tobin, E.J. & Co., 97 York Street, Sydney, 1898-1903
Agents for Brooks Cycle Co., Birmingham

Tollis, D.E. (M)
Tollis, D.E., King Street, Mascot, 1916-1932

Toose, A.C. (M)
Toose, A.C., Rocky Point Road, Rockdale, 1905-1907
Toose, A.C., 375 George Street, Sydney, 1908-1909
A.C. Toose appears to have moved to Temora in 1910 and become an optician.

Trahair, James (I)
Trahair, James, 180 King Street, Newtown, 1902
Trahair, James, 347 King Street, Newtown, 1903
Trahair, James, 345 King Street, Newtown, 1905-1911

Treloar, W.S. (M)
Treloar, W.S., Liverpool Road, Enfield, 1904-1906

Turner Brothers (M)
Turner Brothers, 339 Pitt Street, Sydney, 1908-1912
Turner Brothers, 69 King Street, Newtown, 1912-1915

Turner Greville Ltd (I)
Turner Greville Ltd, 37 Market Street, Sydney, 1896-1898

Turner, C.A. (M)
Turner, C.A., Haldon Street Lakemba, 1924

Turtill and Coulderny (M)
Turtill and Coulderny, 117 King Street, Newtown, 1898-1900

Tweedale, J.W. (M)
Tweedale, J.W., 582 Harris Street, Sydney, 1898-1900

Upcroft, R.R. (M)
Upcroft, R.R., Church Street, Parramatta, 1906-1913

Victor Cycle Co. (I)
Victor Cycle Co., 409 George Street, Sydney, 1898-1900
P.A. White, manager

Wade, Dick
Wade, Dick, Chapel Road, Bankstown, 1926-1932

Walcott, F.D.
Walcott & Evans, 40 Park Street, Sydney, 1924
Walcott, F.D., 40 Park Street, Sydney, 1925-1929
Walcott, F.D., 90 Wentworth Avenue, Sydney, 1930-1932
Frederick Dingate Walcott acquired the business from T.W. Henderson. Traded as Walcott & Evans in 1924 and as F.D. Walcott from 1925. Manufactured “Carbine” bicycles.

Waltham Cycle Co. (I)
Waltham Cycle Co., 42 Castlereagh Street, Sydney, 1898-1900
P. Corbett, manager

Warr, Harry (I)
Warr, Harry, 307 Elizabeth Street, Sydney, 1896-1898
This was also known as the Hyde Park Cycling School.

Watson, George R. (M)
Watson, George R., 88 South Street, Granville, 1911-1932

Watson, J.S. (I)
Watson, J.S., 75 Merrylands Road, Merrylands, 1930-1932

Watson, R. (M)
Watson, R., Sydney Road, Granville, 1910

Watson, Sydney (I)
Watson, Sydney, 256 Anzac Parade, South Kensington, 1928-1932

Watts & Vernon (M)
Watts & Vernon, 94 Bathurst Street, Sydney, 1896-1897

Webb, A. (M)
Webb, A., Victoria Avenue, Chatswood, 1917-1921

Whale, H. Hulford (M & I)
Whale, H. Hulford, 194 Burwood Road, Burwood, 1906-1922, 1927-1932
Whale, H. Hulford, 204 Parramatta Road, Petersham, 1913-1928
Manufactured “Firefly” bicycles. There appears to be some connection between H.H. Whale, S.S. Bowles and J. Bowles, who all occupied the above addresses at different times.

Whitby, W.G. (M)
Whitby, W.G., 117 Liverpool Road, Ashfield, 1906-1910

Whittington, I.J. (M)
Whittington, Mrs I.J., 803 King Street, Tempe, 1919-1920
Whittington, I.J., 860 King Street, Tempe, 1921-1925

Wilcock, C.C. (I)
Wilcock, C.C., Ware Street, Fairfield, 1927-1932

Wilkinson, S. (M)
Wilkinson, S., 183 Canterbury Road, Canterbury, 1930-1932

Williams Brothers, (I)
Williams Brothers, 822 George Street, 1914
Williams Brothers, 515 George Street, 1915
Williams Brothers, 463 Pitt Street, 1916
Williams Brothers Ltd., 213-217 Elizabeth Street, 1917-1921
Williams Brothers also imported motorcycles.

Wilson, J.B. (M)
Wilson, J.B., 144 George Street West, 1909-1915
Wilson, J.B., 118 George Street West, 1919-1932
Manufactured “Victa” bicycles (per Canberra Museum list). J.B. Wilson took over T.B. Wilson’s George Street West building in 1919.

Wilson, John P. (M)
Wilson, John P., 182 George Street West, 1910-1929

Wilson, S.G. (M)
Wilson, S.G., 244 Darling Street, Balmain, 1909-1910
Wilson, S.G., 337 Darling Street, Balmain, 1911-1913

Wilson, T.B. (M)
Wilson, T.B. 453 Oxford Street Paddington, 1912-1916
Wilson, T.B. 118-120 George Street West, Sydney, 1918
T.B. Wilson’s premises in George Street West were taken over by J.B. Wilson in 1919.

Wilson, W. (M)
Wilson, W., Lane Cove Road, Chatswood, 1931-1932

Wilson, William (M)
Wilson, William, Lakemba Street, Lakemba, 1924

Winter, F.A. (M)
Winter, F.A., 13 Alfred Street, North Sydney, 1898-1904

Wood, G.W. & G (M)
Wood, G.W. & G, 355 Parramatta Road, Leichhardt, 1898-1905
Wood, G.W. & G, 361 Parramatta Road, Leichhardt, 1906-1907

Woods, Benjamin (M)
Woods, Benjamin, Church Street, Parramatta, 1910-1911

Woodwright & Co. (M)
Woodwright & Co., 72 Cleveland Street, Redfern, 1908-1915

Woolf, Frank (M)
Woolf, Frank, 446 King Street, Newtown, 1909-1911

Wootten, P.E. (M)
Wootten, P.E., 361 Pitt Street, 1913-1914
Wootten, P.E., 443 Pitt Street, 1915

Wynne, C.P. & Co. (I)
Wynne, C.P. & Co., 65 Castlereagh Street, Sydney, 1896-1899

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Re: Sydney bicycle manufacturers and importers, 1885-1932

Postby Johnj » Sun Oct 25, 2009 1:17 am

Didn't actually take too long to post, so I'm now finished. Any comments welcome. If a mod could move Martin's comment to the end I'd appreciate it.

Forgot to add, "I" means importer, "M" is manufacturer.

Now if anyone happens to have a Firefly (produced in Burwood near my home) in their shed I'd be interested in buying. After all, a bike produced by H. Hulford Whale has got to be pretty good. I wonder why he didn't call it "The Whale"?

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Re: Sydney bicycle manufacturers and importers, 1885-1932

Postby cludence » Sun Oct 25, 2009 1:47 am

Thanks for the info Johnj. It's amazing how many stores were around in the City back then.

Where is best to locate information on stores that continued on after 1932? I recognise several of the names and it would be great to continue it on.

Mods, feel free to remove my post should you wish to keep this topic as a reference point only. Alternatively I can delete it if requested.



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Re: Sydney bicycle manufacturers and importers, 1885-1932

Postby Johnj » Sun Oct 25, 2009 9:55 am

cludence wrote:Where is best to locate information on stores that continued on after 1932? I recognise several of the names and it would be great to continue it on.

Mods, feel free to remove my post should you wish to keep this topic as a reference point only. Alternatively I can delete it if requested.

No problems with your comment Karen, I just didn't want other posts breaking up the list. If nobody posts on the thread it will disappear off the front page.

I've thought about extending my list. I'll have a look at telephone directories (got them on fiche at work), though I'm not sure how many shops would have had phones by the 1930s. I've also thought about using some of the post office/commercial directorories. Anybody out there got a collection of bicycle literature?

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Re: Sydney bicycle manufacturers and importers, 1885-1932

Postby newfinclan » Sat Dec 26, 2009 6:14 pm

John j Just stumbled across you site. You have listed my great grandfathers (Forest Finlay) Sydney Cycle shops thankyou. I have limited family information photos etc and some advertisements from the time .In the period 1903 to 1908 he manufactured cycles but also in the later period motorcycles under his name. I would be interested in any information relating to either and if anyone knows if any still exist or who to ask.

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Re: Sydney bicycle manufacturers and importers, 1885-1932

Postby rubbo » Sat Dec 26, 2009 10:38 pm

John, what an amazing job you've done. I'm wondering about a short film on this. it could be a collaboration. Namely to visit some of the addresses, see what's there now and note the bike connection. Have a look at the short films on my blog. There's a contact button if you'd like to contact me about this idea mike rubbo

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Re: Sydney bicycle manufacturers and importers, 1885-1932

Postby Kid_Carbine » Sat Dec 26, 2009 10:51 pm

In my view this thread represents an invaluable resource & should be pinned.
After a little while all superfluous posts [including this one] should be removed & the topic locked.

How about it mods?
Carbine & SJH cycles, & Quicksilver BMX
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Re: Sydney bicycle manufacturers and importers, 1885-1932

Postby cludence » Sun Dec 27, 2009 12:01 am


I found an advert for the one you listed as;

Lawrence Smith & Co. (M & I)
Lawrence Smith & Co., 58 Market Street, Sydney, 1906-1928
Contract suppliers to the NSW government. They appear to have become a motor supplier and may have ceased supplying bicycle parts before 1928.

It was in a Tour of the West program dated 1950. I am guessing it was the same company?


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Re: Sydney bicycle manufacturers and importers, 1885-1932

Postby cludence » Thu Jan 21, 2010 2:10 am


This is a bit later on but thought you might be interested. It lists quite a number of stores around the area you grew up in.

The paper it was scanned from is from 1954.


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Re: Sydney bicycle manufacturers and importers, 1885-1932

Postby Sharon » Sun Jul 04, 2010 9:30 pm

Hi John I came across your page after search for W Whitby speedwell cycle. I have a photo where this is written on the shop front. My grandfather was a cyclist and competed around 1905-1907 (that I know of). That you have listed the shop as 1906 and 1910 and in Liverpool Street Ashfield all seems correct. My grandfather lived in Ashfield. Image

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Re: Sydney bicycle manufacturers and importers, 1885-1932

Postby Sharon » Sun Jul 04, 2010 9:34 pm

Re W Whitby, Ashfield. Just trying to upload photo again. I think it was taken around 1906 as my grandfather was racing a lot at this time.

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Re: Sydney bicycle manufacturers and importers, 1885-1932

Postby Johnj » Mon Jul 05, 2010 12:05 am

Sharon wrote:Re W Whitby, Ashfield. Just trying to upload photo again. I think it was taken around 1906 as my grandfather was racing a lot at this time.

Thanks Sharon, what a great photo. :D Interesting to see that Whitby billed himself as a "Cycle Builder and agent for Speedwell Cycles and Motors".

A little bit of research suggests that this was taken at the start of one of the Whitby Cycle Races organised by W. Whitby in 1906. The riders are probably dressed in their local cycling club jerseys. Presumably these races were designed to advertise his new business. My favourite is the one that started at the shop, went down Liverpool Road (past my street), turned at the Appian Way (Burwood) and returned to the shop. Brief description of the course here.

Whitby provided a 7th place trophy for the Goulburn Sydney race in 1906 and was still sponsoring races in 1908.

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Re: Sydney bicycle manufacturers and importers, 1885-1932

Postby Sharon » Mon Jul 05, 2010 7:30 pm

Hi again John Thank you for the information. :lol: It is a great photo isn't it (and a copy is going on my wall)!

I find it amazing that you have only posted the information about cycle suppliers and builders relatively recently. I only saw the photo for the first time this year after receiving it from my cousin who is scanning her mother's pics. I had a quick look in the newspapers today for my grandfather (Richard Hird) and W Whitby and found that they were on the committee for the Ashfield Club - Whitby was treasurer and my grandfather a committee member My Grandfather is the fellow at the back of the cyclists in a striped shirt standing under "s" in "cycles". He would have been in his early 20s in 1906. I'm now wondering if Whitby is also in the photo - perhaps even one of the other cyclists because his name also comes up in races with my grandfather in the newspapers around that time.

You mention the Goulburn to Sydney race. For interest - my grandfather participated around the time Whitby was sponsoring but I don't think he came anywhere - I need to look into that a bit more. My grandfather's younger brother Percy Hird won it in 1927 and my Uncle George Hird won it in 1930 (by handicap - Opperman had the best time My grandfather won the Bathurst to Orange in October 1905 thanks again and cheers Sharon

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Re: Sydney bicycle manufacturers and importers, 1885-1932

Postby chjohn » Sun Jul 10, 2011 3:48 pm

Hello johnj,
Found your post re grandfather George Griffiths was listed as being at Lidcombe....he was there from (we think) 1912 until 1950.
He was an agent from Bennett and Wood and stocked the Speedwell as did his son George who set up business in Merrylands in the 1940s.George Snr. had previously had a shop at Braidwood, he had been a member of the Glebe Bicycle Club and later was with the Lidcombe Cycle Club. He was later Chairman of the NSW League of Wheelmen and was a life member of that organisation. He did run the 6 day bike races at Lidcombe Oval....Lidcombe was a major centre at that stage as the Goulburn to Sydney finished in Joseph St. As well there were two other bicycle shops, Edgeworthys and another whose name escapes me.
There was a cutting from the newspapers probably in the early 1900s of him and 3 or 4 other riders on Red Bird cycles. However I have no idea where it got to.
For your information in the 1990s I had donated to the Mitchell Library a small book titled Motorist and Cyclists Manual of 1908 which contained the names of car drivers, ( on 3 pages) , motor cyclists and the majority to cyclists. At the time they said they had not see it but whether it is still there or available I do not know.
Hope this helps,

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Re: Sydney bicycle manufacturers and importers, 1885-1932

Postby marc2131 » Mon Jul 11, 2011 10:07 pm

Sharon wrote:Re W Whitby, Ashfield. Just trying to upload photo again. I think it was taken around 1906 as my grandfather was racing a lot at this time.

The JohnJ listing of bike businesses is great :D
A copy of that photo of Whitbys in Ashfield should be passed on to the relevant Council historian. I live in Ashfield and know their local Ashfield District Historical Society would be very interested in the background.
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Re: Sydney bicycle manufacturers and importers, 1885-1932

Postby pduncanb » Tue Feb 21, 2012 2:40 pm

Hi John

I've found another supplier/manufacturer not listed, Universal bicycles listed in a 1911 Horden and Sons catalogue. Listed as built with BSA parts and built in the Horden factory. Also lists one as used by Francis Birtles overland cyclist. I'd post some images but can't work out how, any hints?


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